From there to here

Two city folk just crazy enough (about each other) to run off and buy a farm 

We love food. We love food so much that we wanted to make our own. We care a lot about organic and what we feed our family, but were tired of dropping our whole paycheck at Whole Foods. There must be a better way. Of course, get a farm and do it yourself! Why not? There are literally so many good reasons why not, but we were just dumb enough to ignore them all and can't be more happy that we did.


The seed for Stillwater was planted during a trip to Scotland. It was November 2016 and we wanted to drink whiskey. There may be no better place in the world to do that than an island off the northwest coast of Scotland called Skye where most residents live a tranquil agrarian existence, the pace of life moves slowly, and you see smiles just about everywhere you go. And you should go. If you do, drink the Talisker. And drink enough to come home (or not) and buy your farm too.

The Isle of Skye

Turning our world on its head

Before moving to, what felt at the time like the middle of nowhere, we lived relatively normal lives in the center of American politics (for better or worse), Washington DC. We rode the bus to our jobs in foreign policy and conservation. We hung out in coffee shops and spent our weekends seeking out good restaurants, reveling in new food experiences, and cooking at home. Then one day the Washington Post ran an article about a historic farm for sale in Maryland. That day changed everything.


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Life Rebooted @ Stillwater

Family, Friends and Food - The Farm at Stillwater Spring