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We understand that the coronavirus crisis is changing wedding plans for many people. We hope that yours has not been interrupted, but if it has Stillwater may be able to help. We're brand new and just began taking reservations, so are fortunate to be able to offer availability in Fall 2020 and beyond. Contact us to check your date today


The Farm

Historic Stillwater Spring Farm sits on 33 idyllic acres nestled in western Maryland's hill and valley country near the Burnside Bridge at Antietam National Battlefield and the Potomac River. Honest Abe met General George B. McClellan and his army here on the farm in October 1862, just a few days after signing the emancipation proclamation. This place has been grazed and cultivated since the early-1800's and Stillwater is proud to continue caring for the land with regenerative organic agricultural practices, and the highest standards of humane care for our livestock that are always pasture-raised and fed high quality natural foods.



Stillwater is proud to produce the highest quality healthy organically-produced grass-fed meats, eggs, fruit, and vegetables. You can see and taste the quality. We know, we eat here ourselves.

Our story

DC refugees Darren and Amy Long fled the big city seeking new adventures, a connection to the land, and a special place to raise their kids. The couple founded Stillwater in early 2017 and haven't looked back to the concrete jungle they left behind. Darren and Amy believe that the best parts of life are family, friends and food - and love to be able to share healthy organic meats and veggies with all of them.  


The Farm at Stillwater Spring

4040 Mills Rd

Sharpsburg MD 21782


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Family, Friends and Food - The Farm at Stillwater Spring