Eat Beef, Save a Planet

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Stillwater's beef is in stock with sustainably-produceded pastured protein for the whole family 

Every year, Stillwater produces a small run of our 21-day dry aged, organic, pasture-raised, grass fed and finished black angus beef. We raise a small well-curated herd of angus using a regenerative closed-system grazing on woodland pasture that improves our soil quality and sequesters carbon on the landscape. It also allows us to create an exclusive, high-end steakhouse-quality aged that you simply can't find in a grocery or butcher shop

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About Stillwater Beef

Our healthy happy black angus cows spend their lazy days grazing on 20 acres of natural woodland pasture near the Potomac River in the hill and valley country of western Maryland. They are raised sustainably, to the highest standards of humane animal care with no antibiotics, vaccines or hormones added. While most cows are processed when they are a year old, our grass-fed angus spend 24-36 months on pasture, developing more intense beefy flavor than anything commercially available at a grocery store or butcher shop. You will appreciate the quality and love the taste. 

From a sustainability perspective, this beef can't be beat. Our cattle have plenty of room to roam, and contribute both organic fertilizer and expert grassland management to our regenerative farming system.


The ingredient list for our beef is perfectly simple: water, grass, sunshine and the occasional rub behind the ears.

Visit the farm, meet your farmers, and know where your food comes from.

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Family, Friends and Food - The Farm at Stillwater Spring